Big rectangle province, here we come

Well, the last full service is done and we are preparing for two weeks off from the work here. I was doing the math and it seems we've been here 20 months and we had one week off last summer (Just how it worked itself out mostly by our choice). So we are in need of this break.

I hope it's enough, you know?

Living away from family simply makes our vacations about reconnecting with the homeland and people. That's just how things are with the life we lead. The last time we went away on a holiday without travelling to visit someone was to Scotland back in 2007 I believe. The church sent us then and it was quite revealing to us about how we choose our rest times. We do need to grow up in that area. But for now we are glad for the adage that a change is as good as a rest.

So we are changing the routine of these two weeks.

House sitters are in place and the road is open before us. Off to the big rectangle province to see the rain and mosquitos and a few relatives.

Pictures to follow.


  1. Have a good refreshing time!

  2. I just sent you a card that should arrive this week and now you won't get it. Oh well your loss I guess.


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