Frederick Buechner's Alphabet of Grace

Friday, July 09, 2010
I'm reading Frederick Buechner's "Alphabet of Grace" again because the book needs to go back to it's owner and just soaking in it inspires me.
Buechners writing never fails to encourage me in the mundane things of life, helping me see that there are greater things at work than just the regular somewhat boring events of any given day.

His "Alphabet of Grace" was from a series of lectures he gave which inspired him to explore different forms of writing.

Anyway, one of the many good quotes:
"Prince Oblonsky, newly awake and sitting on the edge of the sofa in his study, asks "What's to be done?" And the answer that life gives is: live in the needs of the day. What's to be done? Do what you need most to do this day and what is most needed of you. Where your feet take you today is who you are. Guide thou my feet. O Thou invisible, manifest thyself, clack-clack, in this visible day."

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