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Wednesday, July 21, 2010
Hey people, the internet is a big place with a long memory.
Be a little careful with what images you put up there ok? Some of them can hurt you bad.
And I care about you.

Hillary says it better;

here's the thing girls, listen up all you ladies out there,
this is a lesson it has taken me many years to learn, and now i share it with you.
the way you dress says something about you. the way you dance in what you're dressed in says something about you. if you want a man to love and value you and treat you the way you deserve to be treated, then dress like you want to be loved and valued. looking cheap and easy will get you someone who wants a cheap and easy date, not the kind of guy you really want. if you want to be valued you have to dress like you value yourself, dress like you are a treasure to behold, one that has to be discovered, one that involves mystery. if you bare it all there is no treasure. if you give it away it is worthless. but if you value yourself, you will cover it up a little, and you will attract the kind of men who want someone to value.
also, if you put a higher price on yourself, other people will think you are worth more too. if you put a half price, take me i'm free sticker on yourself, then those looking for value will pass you by, and those who want a cheap joy will scoop you right up.
just a thought.
unless you value yourself, and show it with your clothes and actions, how can you ever hope to find someone to share your life with who values you at all?

via hillary


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