25 years ago today

Tuesday, August 17, 2010
Well it's a crazy thought but 25 years ago today Lauralea and I were married.

Not many people whether in marriages or not, get to spend their lives with their best friend so I consider it a great grace to me. Lauralea has been God's gift to me and a constant reminder that he really does love me. In fact there have been days in which she is all the convincing I need that God does indeed exist and that he likes me.

For the most part we still laugh at the same jokes and as I've reported here before we still like sex, (much to the angst of our offspring who, by the by wouldn't be around these parts without it.) We still like sitting in the same room in quiet, reading. We mostly are patient with one anothers musical tastes while she roles with the hits of the 50's and 60's I'm much more of a 70's guy who loves a bit of Techno and Electronica. We can both agree on the classical and some of the better worship stuff out these days.

We still squabble over getting the bills paid (She does it better,) and the occasional communication miscue where she's clearly in the wrong. But we are able to sort it out again and again.

She's taught me a lot about grace and if she had a life theme I suspect that would be it. That is a good gift to have for some of the places we've gone and done the work we've done. She is gracious.

So 25 years ago this afternoon, at 1 pm in her Evangelical Free Church in Prince George BC, we got married with Grandpa Friesen leading the proceedings. After planning the wedding from Southern Ontario where we lived and I worked in an insulation factory and she taught in a Bible School, with her mom and dad working as support missionaries in Ireland, and my parents in Ontario, my brother Jeff and I with all our earthly possessions stuffed in that Plymouth Fury, drove across Canada 75 hours and we got married.

It was a beautiful day in mid August.

And while I looked a bit goofy with my ribs sticking through my suit and my ears flagging traffic, she was a beauty.

She still is today, 25 years later.

As a special 25th Wedding Anniversary gift a couple of our kids thought it considerate that we have the opportunity to be Grandparents. (Yeah like they were thinking that.) So it seems that early next February the best little grandchild ever to grace this earth since, well, Jesus, will be born to Nate and Johanna.  This is going to be fun.


The Invites

Sunday night we unpacked the top of our wedding cake for the first time in nearly 25 years, and we found a bunch of left over invitations from the day, and I took some pictures.


  1. Our congratulations to you both.

    (((hug))) - in a brotherly fashion, just because.

  2. Great photo, and congrats to most deserving people. :)

  3. Not sure what is the most exciting part...your anniversary (Silver Stars to you both) or the news of the next phase of life...as grandparents.

    Congratulations on both fronts! You were great parents and I'm sure it will carry right on through to the really fun 'old foggie'stage!

    Great news! Ken and I are happy for you both!

  4. Happy Anniversary you two! I really like the first 2 lines of your invitation - beautiful! We'll raise a glass in your honour tonite for another 25 more! :o)

  5. Congratulations to you both - for both of the festive occasions. :) Blessings and God's continued graces.

  6. Double congrats on marriage and a new baby on the way, that is double the fun gratitude. Most excellent.


  7. Oh, are you ever going to enjoy the wonders of grandparenting! I can hardly think of a better anniversary gift than that news. So, the lineage continues.

    And since this is my first chance to access the web in a few days - Happy Anniversary and many many more years of happiness are wished for both of you. God bless.

  8. Excellent stuff! Anniversary and Grandparents in one post! Awesome.

    Electronica eh? You have any online radio stations you frequent for such music.... I'd be interested in knowing another few that are good.

  9. Love the photo - Every Blessing on both of you and the family.


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