The Battle Rages on

Wednesday, August 11, 2010
Ten pm and it's time for thinking about bed and I walk into the kitchen.

Three large, fat, Mosquitos challenged my right to be there. So after jumping like a white man who can't play basketball, to reach the beggars who just fly up to the high ceiling and mock me, I suddenly know my weapon. The vacuum with the long hose and shotgun like wand. I haul it out and go to town.

Three sucked up like that. Then another two go down. I see one hiding in the corner but not hiding well enough from me. Gone.

Then a quick five, and two just sitting on the wall. One sneaks up behind me and gets a bite in before I take him out.

Everyone gets scared so they hide. I quietly loop around the kitchen again, waiting. Then a quick three, then two, then four.

You need to understand, the windows have been closed all evening. The doors to the room have been closed as well, and I suck up over thirty-five mosquitos.


I mean really?

I go into the hall and bedroom and kill about ten more, but that's like nothing.

I think I care more that I can't figure out where they are coming from, than that they are in my kitchen.

Now that I have the weapon that can take care of the blighters, I turn my attention to how they are gaining access to the room.

The fight continues.


  1. Well, I sincerely hope the battle is won before too long !

  2. maybe from a duct or fan or something??

  3. Have you tried an electric fly swatter? You can cook the little critters! But remember, they have to eat too.

  4. I may be having some progress.

    I discovered an open vent! Woo Hoo.

    Things are progressing.

  5. So was last night a better, more secure/mozzy-free night?

    Here's hoping.


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