The day that was

It's been quite a difficult week for me in ways I can't begin to explain in a place like this, mostly personal and I suppose spiritual difficulties. By Wednesday I told Lauralea let's just have a regular day on Thursday and not bother with all the fluff and blather of birthdays. Given that state of mind, I was glad when things began to shift for me sometime late evening Wednesday.

So my forty seventh birthday came and went.

All the kids txted me. The girls came early with, "Happy Birthday," and "Happy Birthday Old Man." Thomas "Happy Birthday dad" came in the afternoon when he was reminded by facebook, and Micah's came early too. I believe his birthday wish was; "When is the riders game against Montreal?" To his credit he did try hard to reach me later in the evening when we were not around. I believe one of his siblings txted him with the reminder as he doesn't have facebook out at camp.

Speaking of Facebook, this may be the only redeeming quality of Facebook in my mind anyway. Be that as it may, Facebooks simple ability to track a list of your friends birthdays and remind you of them has huge potential, as I see it anyway. They could make a buck off of that I would think. Yes it was a touch overwhelming to see 60 Birthday wishes waiting there for me, and even if you were reminded of my day, I do appreciate the effort you all went to to congratulate me. Thank you.

And there were phone messages and other txts and a humorous card from Lauralea. She also bought me a nicely bound edition of the complete works of John Donne, a personal favourite of mine.

Clearly with my need to be reminded of birthdays and my new found heartburn solution and my missing the kids, it's obvious that I'm getting older. But I am excited about the future. In half a year or so my life will take on a new role as I enter a new phase of adulthood and I will be moving into a whole new line of cardigan sweaters for myself. However, I'm not yet free to speak of my changing wardrobe, so perhaps I should close with some deep thoughts.

As I enter into this new year and I reflect on my life in this moment of clarity, I should like to record that:

The sex is better than ever. Really, I'm not just saying that because I'm a stud.

I miss our kids but I'm really proud how they are facing life.

Heartburn can be easily cleared up with the cheaper, no name version of Zantac.

Lauralea is God's gift to me.

God has amazing patience with me.


  1. *Like*, except what does this cardigan phase you're talking about, mean? Must be the Grandparent stage. :))

  2. Sorry I missed the Facebook birthday reminder. Glad that things are getting better. Every Blessing

  3. I plan to keep wearing tee shirts and jeans (not turtlenecks - I dislike Steve Jobs a bit) until someone else chooses my clothes for me.

    What you say about the sex is also true, though I suspect it's because it's condensed - same amount of fun, but less time than almost 30 years ago.


    I'd go along with the rest of it too, pretty much, except the Zantac and the name of my spouse.

  4. :)

    Well caught Anonymous.
    Cardigan phase here I come.

    Unless I go with Toni and keep the jeans and shirts thing.

    Course these days Jeans nearly cost more than non jeans.


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