The nightlong battle continues.

Monday, August 09, 2010
The all night mosquito battle goes on. Lauralea complains, I turn light on, her legs are covered with bites, the room has seven new plump Mosquitos hanging off the walls.

Now I'm up keeping watch for a while. Killing them as they arrive. I just can't figure where they're coming from.


  1. Possibly bathroom ceiling fans? Just a thought. Hope you find where the problem lies.

  2. They have taken up residence maybe? Decided your place is as good as any to bring up their offspring - plenty of food - iron rich blood.

  3. I tested the bathroom fans by keeping the toilet doors closed for the day and at the end of it there were no mosquitos in the can.

    But last night was better, only about 5 to kill.

    Course no one was allowed to use the front door yesterday. That may have helped.


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