Wherein I praise the simple joys of VNC

Thursday, August 26, 2010
or Virtual Network Computing for those of the non-nerd variety.

What those three letters allow me to do, is to connect to my office computer, anywhere out here in the field.

So with my iPod Touch and a small VNC app, I am able to log into my office computer, see the screen, start up any software I need, type or print or change the playlist I'm listening to or the radio station I'm hearing wherever I am.

Printing Documents for meetings, sweet, and I can do it from the front yard or the bath tub or even, as I just did moments ago, from the throne.

It's these simple pleasures that give me joy.

And yes you can call me a nerd.


  1. I must learn more of this nerdy joy. Teach me oh Jedi Master.

  2. Hmm, well do you have a iphone or ipod touch?
    Then go to the app store and download the free or the cheap MOCHA VNC.

    With that you can vnc into any mac or you'll need some VNC software for windows running I believe to access a windows machine. Then you should be able to connect to ANY COMPUTER ON YOUR NETWORK.

    It's not a "Back to my machine" kind of thing you can do from anywhere though.

    Here in the field we run our own network for the church and home, so that's why it works so slick.

  3. You're



    So that's all right then.

  4. I'm sure God loves technology too!


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