The Year of Us

Friday, August 20, 2010
I think it was about January first of this year that I made the suggestion to Lauralea that during this 25th year of our verbal and public vows to one another, we should celebrate all year long by declaring 2010 a Year of Us. A year of us doing and being and living more deliberately with each other than perhaps we had grown used to. A whole year of a party, rather than just one day of a party.

Just Us

And while that seems to have been a good idea, it's turned into much more than just a good idea. It's really turned into a very good year.

While it's not been easy, with Lauralea's surgery and my previous limiting back pain, both of which are all better, and kids moving to and fro throughout the land and just struggling with loneliness as we learn the ways of the Field, it is better and brighter between us.

We're spending time with each other, praying together, cooking together a bit, watching movies together, exploring emotions together, talking better, and enjoying the three letter "S" word more.

The highlight of the year to date came earlier this week, on the 17th, our anniversary. We went for a romantic supper at "The Melting Pot," a upscale fondue place in Edmonton and we had a wonderful time there. Lauralea's words are better than mine, but it was truly an amazing evening.

There is something so much deeper and gracious and meaningful when you can, after 28 years of friendship, sit down with one another and love a shared moment because you love the other. You can't have it after one night together or one hundred nights even because it's something you grow and create together. It's made up of the fights and tears and a thousand forgivenesses as well as the joys and excitements that a lifetime bring. That's not a cheap or quick deal, it takes a lifetime to create.

The Ring

I don't know how many more years we have together, at least on this orb, but I agree with something Lauralea said the other night when I asked her what the highlights of the past 25 years were. One of the highlights were this year together. I so agree.

Making Faces

You can see a small set of photos from the evening here. Unfortunately the camera decided to tell me after 6 shots that the disk was full of images. Very poor timing. Sorry about that.


  1. New BLING - way to speak a girl's language. Well done and happy consecutive "Year of Us". ;)

  2. love the post...Randall..and of course i am all about celebrating all year long...:)

  3. all of the above. Wonderful to hear. May the blessings keep pouring down on you...and your family.

  4. What a wonderful testament to the two of you in Christ. Every blessing


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