I am SO tired tonight

Wednesday, September 29, 2010
I am keenly aware that I don't sew 500 shirts for North American Walmart shoppers on any given day, and I don't have to watch while my wheat sits in the field in water, loosing it's value with each passing day, and I don't dig ditches for a living or toil in physical labour, but boy I am tired today.

So much to get going, so much to be on top of. So many calls to make and visits to try to fit in. So many arrangements to try and set up with others in distant towns and cities. Then so many emails to write and read and answer.

But lest I begin to wallow, and trust me, you don't want to see me wallowing, we need to celebrate that today we got the PreTeen Wednesday afternoon program up and running and we got the youth Wednesday night supper and bible study up and running. I think it went ok and nobody died, which was my only requirement for success.

So I am tired and tomorrow is already Thursday, and Thursday will have enough trouble of its own as I try to get on top of Sunday.

So tonight with that sense of victory though exhausted, I'm heading to bed.

Good night and sweet dreams.

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