Why Walmart should pay me commission

It happened again today. I ran into Walmart for clock batteries and ink for the printer, (Which by the way they don't even stock Kodak ink any more, grumble grumble) and in the electronics section a lady stepped into my path, faced me, and with her finger up and in my face, asked me "Do you work here???"

To which I gladly replied "No" and I rushed past her.

I get this all the time, this thinking I work in retail. Do I look like a retail guy?

Anyway, I was two rows over looking for ink and a tall elderly man asked for my opinion on two different flat screen TVs. One of them was a Sony Bravia and the other was a no name variety.  He asked in a way that made me quite willing to offer my opinion on the matter. I told him of our purchase of a TV a year ago and my experience of discerning the different qualities and then I settled on the Sony set. Of the two, the Sony was miles ahead. Then we talked about the changes in Television design he had known over the years and we had a right nice chat.

I told him that I don't work at Walmart but that had been my experience with televisions. He was surprised to hear that I wasn't employed by them, or by Sony for that matter, and based on my experience he would choose the Sony.

The last I saw of him he was walking towards the cashiers with a 22 inch Sony under his arm.

Again, aside from the blue shirt I had on today I don't get why my face says RETAIL, but it does.

But my real lesson today was that as a shopper, by the way I phrase my questions and my approach, I can actually help someone be willing to assist me in my search.

And that's a very cool lesson to remember.

But Walmart still owes me commission.



  1. I was gonna say "You should stop wearing that royal blue vest all the time", but then you mentioned what you were wearing... :)

    I went to Walmart today and I didn't have a completely infuriating experience, which was surprising and nice. Or maybe my brain was too fried from the day to notice all the things I normally do there.

  2. But do the anti-capitalists that you encounter automatically reject you because they think you represent the evil system?


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