Harvest still on 2010

Wednesday, October 13, 2010
This afternoon I headed out to find a bit of harvest still happening, which wasn't hard to do given that we started so late this year. The fields are still active and some are still talking about 10 - 15 days of hard work left.

As I've said before here, it's been a crap year for crops. The wheat has so much mould in it that most of it isn't even useable for humans. Some lucky farmers are getting graded for feed grain at least, and then many can't sell it for much more than to make ethanol.

It's been tough again. Last year, dry dry dry, this year wet wet wet, then cold, then mould.

In spite of it all, many of the farmers are just glad to be doing something, anything, rather than sitting around waiting for the weather to cooperate. And do something they are. 14, 15 hour days driving combines or tractors or grain trucks.

So I found the Pluim production team this afternoon.

Here are some pictures I got.

Here's a video of the transfer:


  1. Cool video for us 'city folk' to see!


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