Dear England

Tuesday, November 30, 2010
Dear England;

The wind is howling here and it's blowing the snow around so sharply that I just want to hide out in my office a few minutes more before I trek home for a rare free evening.

On a whim I load up the London traffic cams and see the rain gently falling in London and the Christmas lights up on Regent and Oxford streets and someplace inside the memory of our time there sustains me. I am warmed by memories of your friendship and our time together.

I expect you are soon off to bed and so I hope you are warm and that your spirit is at peace enough to rest.

We? We are doing alright I suppose. Though if the truth be told both Lauralea and I are off our game just a bit. The challenges of having family who live away and not near, well sometimes that can make you lonely and a little sad. Sometimes when there are moments to be shared and things to be said and you have to share them through a mobile phone txt plan, sometimes that gets old.

It's just the stuff of life really. Nothing new or huge. Just another day in a lifetime of what I think is obedience, which may just be another way of saying choosing to live by faith.

But we have snow now and the cold isn't as cold as it was last week. We have Christmas lights up too, though certainly not as amazing as yours are. They would be fun to see in person.

I hope you have a good safe Christmas UK. I know that with so many cutbacks that some of your people will be hurting, but I'm praying they don't find themselves in the midst of despair. Sometimes the grief that comes from loss can take you into depression that just destroys everything. You crawl inside yourself because its the only thing you are left with, and you ignore the outside world because its the only way you can cope. I wish your spring comes very very soon.

Oh and thank you for the updates on Strictly. Somehow that has become a fond shared memory of our time there visiting with you, and since its still alive, so is our pleasure. Well, except for Felicity's early dismissal. Whatever were you thinking that day?

With that I shall bid you a good night.

Sleep well London.


Late afternoon in London. Time for some hot tea


  1. May I be the first, on behalf of a grateful nation, to thank you for your good wishes ? :)

    It is now the time of year when Canadians can marvel at how England is brought to a standstill by snow

    That windy road to Sedbergh and Hawes is an even more interesting and scenic (and in your case nausea-inducing ?!) drive in snow and ice.

    I have fond thoughts of Canada too...

  2. Here in Scotland we are hit by cold and snow, and everything can seem overwhelming in the run up to Christmas. The cuts are making many of us nervous and I would ask your prayers especially for the vulnerable. (Our son included.) Thank you

  3. It seems I'm a little ate to the party, but thank you for your kind wishes, and the same to you & yours.

    Felicity : Widdy? You even need to ask? Speaking as one who's never seen SCD and as far as is reasonably possible, never will. Still, the 30 YO woman who turned over a million school-boy hearts had to know defeat sometime.


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