It's not brains, it's Treacle Sponge Pudding

Saturday, November 20, 2010
So a frozen up gas garage heater changed our plans yesterday for the day, and so the weather seems to be making its presence known, challenging us to new levels of "suckupitness." I confess I have no real heart this year for the snow and cold, and since this has been a most stressful week on at least three different fronts dear reader, I think it's time for some happy memories.

(Pictures Here) And so I take you now to a diner in Kendal UK called The Union Jack where it seems, real locals eat real food that's basic and affordable and hot. Comfort food I suppose, where the counter girls know your name and ailment and ask how your wife is feeling after that nasty surgery she had.


We ducked in there for some lunch after a long morning of hiking and we just enjoyed the place. The food was so/so, but the people were great and the pudding was, well, amazing.

It looked like a boiled brain in custard, but alas dear reader, it was worth all the walking just to share it with Herself.

Good memories.


  1. I miss England. Marc and I both do. There is an "English Pub" in Steinbach that has sticky toffee pudding, but it's not quite the same. Plus, I'm still not sure you're actually *allowed* to drink in a pub in Steinbach. It's a different world here in southern Manitoba.


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