The Monday begins

Monday, November 22, 2010
The Monday of a very busy week. The Monday of a week that has my next free evening looking like it's coming next Monday, sort of thing. It makes it feel like a "Batten down the hatches" sort of time with the days full and the nights, fuller.

So today, Monday, I'm trying to prepare for the fullness of the week, probably more internally than anything else. Trying to sort out any miscommunication between L and I from the previous week, and heading off any that are being set up for this week. Clearing the sidewalks of the built up snow. And maybe watching the Doris Day film on TCM this afternoon.

Christmas music is playing from the Sirius satellite radio and the snowplow just flew past on the highway clearing the roads. The Saskatchewan Rough Riders are in the Grey Cup next weekend and it's cold out there, so you know Christmas is coming.


Advent starts this coming Sunday so we'll be shifting gears at church a bit. The music begins to change, and we'll be having hot Christmas drinks available for a donation to the local food bank. The decorations and banners go up this week and the kids will have a unique part in the service, which they always love. And so do I.

But first, this week needs to be lived out.

And what then can we say besides, Go Riders Go!

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