Sunday morning in Kendal

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

It was early on our first Sunday morning in England after a particularly sleepless night that I got up with the same sense you have when you are having a perfectly delicious dream that you don't want to wake up from because its so amazing and so real. Except upon waking I discovered that the dream was reality and I was actually in the UK. It was a pinch me moment. Indeed it came after a very poor sleep so it may have been the exhaustion speaking, but I felt like I was in a great dream, and I wouldn't ever wake up from it because I was already awake.

I got up quickly and let Lauralea sleep as long as she could and I ate some toast and drank strong tea and milk, listening to BBC 4 on the radio. I planned a quick early morning walk in the beautifully inviting overcast morning out there. Even somewhat still in a dream, I left the house.

I headed up a steep hill that overlooked the community and walked briskly in the fresh, quiet Sunday morning. Surely this is what Sunday mornings were meant to be.

As I continued up over the rise, a deep green space came into my view and rewarded my morning walk. Kendal Green it was called. A large green space with lots of grass and large old trees and a bench I could rest on and take it all in, so I did just that.


I actually soaked in the beautiful green peace, and I opened my notebook and wrote what must have been inspired words. I think that for me, Kendal Green was holy ground.

I've preached before that there are times when you live, and then there are times when you truly, really, deeply live. When it all comes alive for you and it's maybe just a touch beyond belief. That was one of those moments for me.

And if I could capture what was happening in my spirit and store it up for the long winter and just take it down now and then and have a sip of it I think it should make all the difference in my coming and going. And maybe that's why the moment was given to me, to restore my soul.

See the pictures from the whole day.

The whole collection of our trip that I've uploaded so far is here.

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