Night terrors

Wednesday, December 29, 2010
And so it is that I waken in the night with thoughts of deadlines and duties and they grow so large in my mind like when I was in grade 10 and had school projects due and job expectations and home duties that I would lay awake overwhelmed and afraid so that I couldn't sleep. So these nights are treating me with similar distain. I guess it's best to be at work where I can at least do something about these night terrors.

I did take Monday off though, for those of you who might think I took no day of this week. Honestly I was hoping for a bit more, and I might get a day or two yet somewhere, but this is the busy season with reports and meetings and appointments and postoffice errands to run for the office, that it seems enough to waken me in the night.

So I best turn my head back to the work at hand.

I do hope for you that you have great expanses of paid time off to spend however you wish and that your Christmas has been and continues to be a good one. Don't move on too quickly, it can be quite enjoyable in the moment. I speak from experience.


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  1. I do that quite a bit too, and I've been at work every day except Saturday since the w/e before last. Today I'm having time out - shopping, hopefully checking out a new phone or 2, and just doing something not involving cells or assays.

    I wish you peace and rest - may your elephants be manageable and your tigers become pussycats.


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