On the day before the day before Christmas

Thursday, December 23, 2010

It indeed is only two more sleeps till Christmas day. Finally.

It feels like it's been a bit of a so-so stretch. Lauralea's been struggling with illness, I've been very busy with work and meetings and my sleep has been odd lately.

The kids are all coming home this year, and some will be travelling well into Christmas day so we'll wait for them to arrive. I'm looking forward to that part of Christmas. But it still can be tough to say the honest things that should be said, even with your own kids.

Hopefully this heaviness lifts a bit and we can try to enjoy the time we have together.  It's been a tough patch this late autumn, emotionally and relationally as we try to care for people who live in different places than we do. We've had to make tough choices about who we are and what we stand for. We've had to go into deep emotional places to speak the truth into people's lives and have them respond in negative ways. We've had to stand for what we feel is truth, and have loved ones push against that.

I suppose it just been a time of tension or conflict which creates a general feeling of being off balance. That happens in life, I know that. Our season seems to be happening now.

But in good news, I think our gifts are all purchased. I know we've had a few odd looks over the past years about gifts we've purchased, mostly for the kids, but this year I think we've done better at it. It gets tough when they get older and you want to get them the world but A. You can't afford the world and B. They don't really want the world anyway. I can't think of any of the gifts we got them that they will look at us with stunned looks... well hang on there. There might be one...

Anywhoo our Walmart Turkey is in the freezer and I treated us to a very expensive Riesling to enjoy the bird with. The weekend services are nearly done and Lauralea and I have agreed not to get each other gifts because we went to England this autumn so those things are off my mind.

Nothing left but to awaken early tomorrow and make some strong tea and tune in the internet radio to BBC Radio Four and listen to the crisp, Christmassy sounds of the Festival Of Nine Lessons and Carols. One of Lauralea and my christmas traditions. I remember listening to that over the shortwave back before the Internet came along.

And so as you rush headlong into Christmas I hope time slows down for you and you are able to enjoy what you have. May the joy of Mary upon seeing her new born son be in your hearts. May God fill you with his Spirit and speak to your innermost being, guiding you in the way you should go. And may the love of Christ surround you and shine forth from you; both now and forevermore.

Night from the Field.

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