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Saturday, December 04, 2010
and there is time to pray.

Time to delve deeply into an ancient practice that some would say changes their heart more than it changes Gods.

After a very busy week and meetings and many miles travelled, I feel like I have space and time here in the Field today to spend time praying.

Yes prayer is a regular part of every day, but there are times when the space opens up before you and you enter into it and you just spend time with the creator of the universe. Conversing or quiet, you spend time in each others presence and it's good.

You might pray some hundred year old prayers written by someone miles and years away from you, but their words are as alive and meaningful to where you are today than anything you can come up with, so you make them your own, for now.

Or you might just be present in silence. No words spoken out loud, no words being formed in your mind, just the intimacy of a shared moment and quiet. Occasionally there may arise from your soul or your lips words of praise or petition but since you are in the same place as the lover of your soul, you need not yell. A whisper is enough and you are heard.

In the quiet there is also room for you to just listen and to be present to The Voice. The voice of God. Oh yes he speaks and he has a voice and sometimes he yells, but more often than not his voice is gentle, quieter than the surrounding noises. That's why silence of the heart is so important to cultivate, at least if you want to hear God.

So this afternoon I have room and time to be still.

How about you?

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  1. And sometimes God doesn't speak, but hugs in a way beyond words.....

    I hope that is an embrace that you feel this day.


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