When the power goes off in the field on your day off...

Monday, December 06, 2010
You can't use the toilet.
You can't have a shower.
You can't turn up the heat.
You can't vacuum the carpets.
You can't go "Online"
You can't listen to music.
You can't make popcorn.

But it seems that,

You can run the gas fireplace.
You can sit in front of the fire.
You can drink something warming.
You can read out loud while herself sits in the rocking chair knitting.

And apparently you can blog from your mobile.


  1. Sounds nice! We had no water for a bit this morning -- right when I was going to start my loads of laundry. Kinda too bad it started up within a half hour...

  2. It took our power a couple of hours to come back on but it did.

    Hope your water runs this winter and may your door always close.


  3. You've obviously made the best of things. Hope the power is back on now.

  4. It actually turned into quite a lovely afternoon as we read the biography of C. S. Lewis, by Wilson.


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