The field seems bigger when they're gone

Wednesday, January 05, 2011
The size of the Field seems to grow as does the silence as the kids leave for their homes. Johanna and Nate and baby arrived home after a 15 or so hour drive, and Thomas caught a ride back to Calgary with a friend on the same day. Hillary leaves for her last semester of college this Sunday morning, and then it will be just us three again.

I think that is ok, considering my need to press on into the work. There just seem to be so many details to care for in the church this new year. I don't think I remember being so busy in previous years. Most of that is just with organizing and planning and asking people and calling and arranging, let alone my email backlog.

So I'm glad for the silence for now, it helps get things done.

There are still hurting people here too, and they are priority for us, at least as much as we can help them. Some hurts are beyond the reach of help, so you just sit with them in silence and pray lots underneath the silence. In fact often in those times words are like a harsh slap anyway, so you sit with them literally or figuratively, you just share the space.


And now since Lauralea has just rang me...  rung me? ringed me? to get home for supper, I'm going home.

Oh, and Go Canada Go.

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