Great view, no bathtub.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Made it.
Awesome room with one wall of windows facing downtown Chicago. But to keep me humble, there is no bathtub.

Now, I'm going in search of food. Haven't eaten yet today.

All the best, from Chicago.


  1. Same hotel as a couple of years ago?

  2. I see the Blizzard Watch is already up for Chicago. Looks like a fun week lies ahead for all of us. Severe storms and tornadoes here Tuesday and ice on Wednesday. I'm not sure if I should buy up all the bread and milk or install a storm shelter!

  3. Yep Marc same one. Only one big enough.

    Jason, I think I'd take snow over tornados!
    You guys be safe down there. You've already had a long weather year.

  4. Is there a shower room off to the bottom right of the bed or is this a 'room only - shower down the hall' job?

    I once stayed in a hotel at Evanston, just outside Chicago that had doormen in uniform, marble floors and chandeliers, yet upstairs in the room it was wallpaper from the 60s/70s despite it being 1998. It was officially $140 a night too!

    At risk of being misunderstood, Chicago is one of the few US cities that has something 'magical' about it - the view back to the city from the middle of the lake is amazing, though I doubt you'll try for that experience at this time. At the same time it encapsulates a feeling of dirty money and violence. Curious place, and quite fascinating.


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