January in Chicago is like Mexico in August, just reversed

Friday, January 21, 2011
Nightime Chicago

Ok, ok I am booked for Chicago.
Heading to a gathering of church worker types for the ECC.

I promise to only do half of the things I'm being asked to do.

I want to get to a couple of great sounding workshops, (Does anybody still use that word?)
And maybe if motivated, get to the Loop and take in some jazz.

Oddly there will be people at the end of emails who will be very excited that I am coming, at least one of whom will know it's an answer to prayer. I am not exactly the life of the party you know.


Of all the cool images I've captured of Chicago, the one above is my favourite because it evokes in me feelings of when I was a kid taking the bus to downtown Saskatoon with it's tall buildings and many cars. I took it from a speeding "L" train on the Brown Line heading downtown, one January night.


  1. A couple years ago I went to Midwinter and skipped almost all the meetings. I spent most of my time sitting in the lobby enjoying conversations with friends and strangers. And it was most refreshing. I hope it's a time of renewal for you, too. (I do plan on going to at least a couple meetings this time around. . .)

  2. I, too, pray that you will have a good time and be able to just enjoy the place and the people you meet. Relax and go to Andy's for me.

  3. Hi Dan, what a good idea.
    I am well along the path of feeling free to do the kinds of things that will nourish my soul, rather than follow the scheduled events. This year there looks to be some workshops that are right where I am at, and I'm looking forward to them.

    I'll be watching for you then.

    Thanks Linea.


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