Malmo Mission Covenant Church Canceled for tomorrow

Saturday, January 08, 2011
Hey all,

Just a notice to all that the leadership of Malmo has decided that with the weather forecast for tonight and tomorrow morning we thought it might be the better part of wisdom to cancel worship for tomorrow morning.

We will also suspend planned prayer week activities until the following week.

Stay home, sleep in, or do something fun with your family, and we'll meet together next Sunday morning at 11 am instead.

Blessings and stay safe,

Pastor Randall


  1. I hope you enjoyed your morning off. Relaxing Sunday mornings are rare for pastors.

    We're predicted to get a lot of snow midweek, so maybe I'll get an extra day or two off this week, as well.

  2. Is this a first? And did you get the bad weather? It is balmy and springish here in Chicago.


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