Breakfast of Champions

Wednesday, February 23, 2011
Breakfast of Champions

Last night was our first Board meeting of the year and so we had lots to do. It went late and I'm usually still in work mode late into the night after those times, so I was up late.

And side note, sometimes you work and work to see change come to some area of the organization you work with, and after a couple of years of hard work and people not seeing the value of the change, there in one quiet subtle moment the change happens just like that and it isn't a big deal but more of an, "Of course we should do that, it just makes good sense" sort of thing.

Wow. We here are covering a good deal of ground as we grow and take the right steps to health and life and faith. The future is bright.

And speaking of bright, look what awaited me when I got to the breakfast table this morning.

A Breakfast of Champions.

Thanks, I'll take it.

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