Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Chicago Weather

Still building up steam

Chicago Weather

When I was waiting for my plane in Edmonton I again checked Chicago weather and was surprised to see a blizzard watch out for the coming week. 

Since I've arrived, that's all the city has been talking about. 

The light snow and wind started last night, and the big snow is scheduled for tonight until early Thursday morning, then it lightens up a bit again. 

They are expecting 12 to over 20 inches of snow, with ThunderSnow, yes that's as in thunder and lightning, ThunderSnow dumping possibly up to 4 inches an hour. High winds are expected as well, which will make things so much worse. 

Last night the news announcers were encouraging people to gather water and food for the duration, and the Dominicks store I was in was crazy with people and quickly shrinking food supplies. 

Schools are already canceling tomorrows classes based on the predictions, and I guess the last time Chicago schools closed was in 1999. 

Scheduled flights are being changed for free and airport closings are expected. My only comfort is that my flight is Friday night so hopefully things will be running again by then. 

Tomorrow is our free evening here in the big city, and plans are/were in place for a trip downtown. I guess we'll have to see.    

Yesterday this was being called possibly the worst blizzard in Chicago history. Thankfully they seem to have decreased that rhetoric and are now saying one of the three worst storms in history. Not that comforting I think. 

So today inside should be alright. I have a very full day ahead so I'll stick around here. Tomorrow we wanted to get to the loop for supper, some jazz, and some photo opportunities. We'll see how things look then. They are putting blades on the front of the subway "L" trains, so travel may be doable. 

And that's the weather in Chicago. 

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  1. Bummer to have your visit coincide with Snowmageddon. Keep safe and warm.


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