This love is strange.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011
She is a cuddlable, squeaky, sleepy bundle of joy, this new granddaughter.

It's an emotional time when you hold the baby with it's new baby smell still with her. Learning to eat and trying to focus her ever changing eyes. It's such an amazing time.

Half of you is full of hope and expectation for this little one, and yet half of you knows that life can be tough and doesn't always go like you hope or expect it to go.

So there is weight there, responsibilities, expectations, weight. Sometimes hope just isn't enough for a child who goes down wrong roads or for whom difficult things happen. That can be a weight.

For today though, it is enough to love her and hold her and pray for her and carry the weight for her.

One day she may do that for you.


  1. what a stunning baby ! But then I am prejudiced, after all ,I am a great auntie! Congrats, nana and papa ! Auntie gAylene


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