Holy Weekend. An update.

Saturday, April 23, 2011
As one pastor said to me the other day regarding people in his church who were quite unaware of the work and planning that go into a weekend like this, he said, "They have NO idea..."

Nor should they I suppose. Because it's not done for credit or big happy smiles of appreciation, although those are nicely welcome. It's done for reasons that have to do with the arrangements we personally have made with God, who directed us to these places in the first place.

Maundy Thursday was a delight. It always is my favourite service of the year. It is simple and very relational and it welcomes us to Christs Table where we share together with Him. It presents his struggle in the garden far better than I often realize. That he, Jesus of Nazareth had his own prayers and desires, and they were not about dying on a cross. Still he laid down his own desires, for ours. Now we try to live likewise.

Friday we were in town for the community service. I had to be there early, which meant leaving the house even earlier. The morning was surprisingly good, considering there were five pastors preaching, all limited to three minutes each and two managed within that constraint. We shared in the Lords Table there as well, and I think I can say with honesty, that it was good.

Today is quiet in the field. I have a couple in for Premarital counseling, and some things to get ready for tomorrow, the first Sunday back in two weeks of traveling Canada. It will be good tomorrow. There will be food and coffee and visiting and worship and light and remembering and I'm going to talk a bit about this coming back to life thing that Jesus did, and why it is important to us. I'm also going to talk a bit about how, for some, coming back to life from the dead is already happening even now. Should be fun.

Then things should quiet down I think. At least for a day or two.

Oh and my mom is here for the weekend, and that's a nice Easter surprise.

So I think tonight Herself is roasting up a Turkey and a Ham because what else do you do for Easter when you love to cook? And I of course who love to eat, will be enjoying the mini feast too.

A most blessed and life giving Easter to you and yours this weekend,

From The Field.


  1. Like a well lit photograph, the light not calling attention to itself, are the seamless results of the effort you pastors put into these weekends. And it is appreciated. :)

  2. I Love that image Jay. Perfectly stated.

    Just to get ourselves out of the way.



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