Sunday morning worship

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday morning worship, originally uploaded by RandallFriesen.

We are at the Aylmer Evangelical Mennonite Mission Church this morning to worship with them.

This was the place 25 years ago that called us into pastoral ministry. They've done well here, we attended this weekends fourth service.

Many faces I recognize, but it's the names I struggle with. But it's so good to be here. It's a good spirit here.

May it be good where you are today too.


  1. All I remember from Aylmer is the park, Nana & Popa's house, Big V, and wasn't there a walking bridge somewhere in the town?

    And if that big market with the Amish people selling apple cider and kittens, with an upstairs restaurant shaped like a boat was in Aylmer, then I remember that, too.

  2. The Amish at the market is Aylmer, but the boat-shaped restaurant was at the Army & Navy in Saskatoon, I think...


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