A Family Update

Friday, May 27, 2011
This past weekend saw the family get together like it may not again for some time. Johanna and Nate and little Norah flew in. Hillary came with my mom and sister from Saskatoon. Thomas drove in from Calgary, and Lauralea's mom came to meet the baby as well. That was eleven of us in the house, and it worked pretty well.

The Whole Family. May 22, 2011

These bigger, older people have always been a small part of the blog here, and if you ever click on the tags on the side there, the "The Locals" tag will always bring up the posts that included them in some way. These days that tag is rarely used.

Johanna and Nate are doing well out on the coast. I personally think they were made for each other and its fun to watch them change for the better as they grow together. And they make great babies. I am kind of surprised at how well Johanna has taken to motherhood. She seems to take to it like a duck to water. And Nate is just an awesome dad to little Norah. So far the in-laws are a great blessing.

Hillary graduated from college this spring and is looking for a short term job in Saskatoon right now. (Anybody have one??) This autumn she is scheduled to fly out to England where she will be working and serving in a spiritual community for a year.

Thomas is living in Calgary in our church Life Together community house. He's just been promoted at the place he works and loves it there. He's also enrolled in a certificate program for Spiritual Direction out of a college down in the mainland in BC.

Micah just passed his driver training program and is in grade eleven here in the local town. In a month he's heading to Haiti with our church missions trip, then he's off to counsel at camp for the summer. Next year grade 12, and then...?

And then it's herself and me, again.

It's an interesting time of life now with the kids taking on their own lives, and making big bold decisions about who they want to be and what they want to do with these lives we've been able to give them. They make it easy to be proud of each of them, and so we are.

The world will be a better place because they are out there.



  1. Wow. You two have raised some quality children. It's strange to think we first met them when they were all still in school! Miss you all. That picture really makes me miss you all.

  2. Ditto Dix's comment - awesome and well done - everyone. :)


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