Two out of three traps sprung. Not a bad night on the trapline.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011
So in an effort to minimize the local rodent population around our house, and by "around our house" I should clarify that they are outside our home and not presently residing inside, I have set up a series of mouse traps.

The motivation began when I started walking outdoors around the house last week and was shaking loose random field mice as I walked in the grass. Then there was one little fellow who took to startling me every time I walked to the office down the gravel path I routinely take. All of a sudden the grass would shake, the gravel would be disturbed, and the little fellow would race into the small culvert beneath the walk.

So yesterday I undertook the placement of one trap inside the garage and three on the outside, by doors etc.
Of the three outside traps, as of this morning two were sprung. One had a nice rodent in its trap, while the other one was four feet away from where it had been set, and the trap was effectively destroyed. The guys at prayer time this morning thought probably a mouse had been caught in it and then a coyote came and tore the snack from the trap. They did seem loud and close last night. (The coyotes I mean, not the guys.) The one remaining trap has a nice piece of chocolate still waiting for some action.

So it seems I have effectively set up a trap line and if I had any intestinal courage I would be tempted to skin the one caught mouse and put his hide up on display for any and all rodents to take notice of and pack their bags and move to southern climes.

As it is I'm not sure I have the whatsit to daily empty traps that have snapped their prey almost in half.

But hey, it's a tough life out here in the field.
Time to man up.

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  1. Seems to me that you need to call in SUPERCAT! I think they actually do the nasty job of clean-up too.

    Or else they will bring it inside and deposit it in a handy location.


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