Coincidence, luck, an amazing flu shot, or God?

Wednesday, June 22, 2011
I did a little digging and it was a year ago this week that I wrote a piece about my back pain and how I got some people to pray over me to help the pain go away. Remember that?

Well I can continue to testify that that terrible debilitating back pain is still gone far away, and sometimes when I am walking in a store where I remember I used to have to stop and rest because of the pain, I am re-excited about the freedom. It is so good to be free of that.

So I've been thinking lately about how well I made it through the winter season, without colds or the flu or anything, which for me is quite remarkable. I mean usually I get two bad bouts of cold or flu or even a couple of years ago it was that swine flu thing when I saw bugs on the walls.... yeah. Usually I get something.

Except for this year.

And interestingly enough there were a couple of occasions, some of which I mentioned here, where I would start to get something, or feel something coming on. A slight cough or sore throat or feeling the start of a flu thing. But what would happen is that as quickly as those symptoms came, they would just go away. Gone. Poof.

Now I did get the flu shot late last year, but even when I get those I will get some small cold type thing.

And with all the travelling and flying we've done this year, that alone usually gets me sick. But not this year.

So I started to think, when was the last time I got a full-blown cold or a put me to bed flu, and I can't recall anything for over a year. In fact I can't recall anything hitting me since before I got those people to pray over me for my health.....

So it's got me wondering, how long will this Vitamin JC shot last?


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  1. That is awesome! :)

    I also realized in April that it had been a year since my last cold (and even longer since my last flu). I thought that as soon as I realized that, that I would get sick. But still holding on with good health!


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