Yes, we're moving.

Wednesday, July 06, 2011
Ah ha, hows that for a teaser?
(I should get work in that nasty television business where they say "The World Has Ended, Story at Eleven" stuff, and you're left wondering if you should bother going into work tomorrow, so you stay up late and find out that WORLD is just an acronym for Women Organized to Respond to Life-threatening Diseases, and they've closed up shop.)

No, we are not leaving The Field.

For a long time now I've experienced growing frustration with Pictures not showing up, slow to load, site pages so busy because the thinking seems to be that the more words you put there, the more information you communicate. More and more the site seems to take away from the images presented. The social aspect of it is quite nice, friends and family follow one another with ease. But even that is getting more and more difficult to do, and it's users are mostly North American.

(If you are into worldwide social feedback, is a good daily picture site you should check out.)

But I wanted to do more with my pics, with less going on all around them, visually. So I am in the process of moving over to  I have set up my own photo site with all my pictures on the web, at

My intent is to make it more of a place to explore, at least for me, than a repository of images taken and stored.

You (Toni :)) should notice an increase in speed of the pages here that have images posted on them. And the images will be larger because that is very easy with smugmug.

So, yes I am moving, my pictures over to

Check it out sometime.


  1. To borrow a phrase, "like, very much".

    Yay, no more Flikr!

    And yes, the pix are showing up much more quickly.

    If I may make one critique, the pictures are still organised like a Flikr account: Randall Friesen>Family and friends>Family>25 Wedding anniversary. My *personal* preference is for a flat folder structure, max 2 layers deep - but then I never did like filing systems. However this is ENORMOUSLY better - thank you!

  2. So then for you the picture sets would be separated by date?

    I've been wanting to limit it to one or at most, two layers thick, but then I need a way to identify them. I've been trying to do it quite differently from Flickr, which is all about photo-stream and they get posted and located by date.

    I should head over to photo bucket again and see what yours is looking like.

    and, you're welcome.


  3. You probably shouldn't (look at how I do it).

    You are much more inclined to carefully file things, whereas I just stick images in a large folder called 'family' or 'Italy 2009' etc. or even dump general images into a single folder (now with about 750 images).

    I appreciate the way you listen to me, but don't take too much notice - make it please you, and not me so much.


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