A tricky summer

Thursday, August 25, 2011

I'm still here. When I wake in the early morning and the light from the windows is darker and darker, it feels like the summer is planing a hasty retreat. The night breezes from the window are cool too, so it is coming. Still it feels like not all summer things were accomplished.

Mostly it's been this cold/flu thing that Lauralea and I have been sharing. It tore a strip off our holidays, and we've just not been up to speed since then. 

A large piece of my energy this week has been about the death of one of our elderly people. The family, the funeral, arrangements, words, language, visits. It's been a big effort, again I suppose because we are running on half full. 

Evening meetings are starting to increase too, which is another sign of autumn coming. Getting the youth program up to speed, getting my Sunday School class of classy Junior Highs ready to go, and I'm working on a series for autumn that I want us to explore a bit on what whole life stewardship really means out here in the land of the big skies.

I'm kinda nervous too. That's a lot of things going on at a time when I have been discovering that I need to simplify things in life. To be able to do a few things well rather than 20 things so so. It is difficult to refuse opportunities especially when opportunities equals people. I am regularly overwhelmed by the needs presented by people and their hurting hearts. No I don't fix them, but I can walk alongside them and provide care, and love.

No I'm still here, struggling along towards eternity, hopefully in ways that encourage and challenge people.

Tomorrow is our big community VBS Fair where we welcome kids and then their parents for a day of bible lessons, crafts, snacks, bouncy castle, cotton candy, and BBQ supper. Then I've got to drive out to camp to get Micah. He's all done camp tomorrow. 

So I should get a bit ready for that yet.

From the field.

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  1. Every Blessing for a return of energy and health, as the autumn comes.


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