Strange Autumn

Friday, September 30, 2011

It is a beautiful day here in the field, or at least near by the field where Lauralea and I were this morning. We took a few moments to walk and clear the air, and the air was clear and smelled of decomposing leaves, a most beautiful smell reminding me of Halloween oddly.

Tomorrow our second child Hillary, is off to Oxford for the year. She will be living in community with a group of Church of England Sisters, learning the rhythms of life and helping out in the communities they serve there. I believe it's a hospice and elder care home. Anyway tomorrow she begins to achieve what she's been asking for since she was about 16. Travel, serve, care, grow, and though she may not realize it, community. We will miss her lots and Lauralea's game opponent will be far far away. It will also be a good year for her, probably life shaping I suppose, I hope. Yep, we will miss her lots.

Our eldest daughter, Johanna is with us for a few days, with The Best Granddaughter Ever, (hereby known as TBGE) Norah, with her. Her dad is on the road someplace in the hinterlands of Wisconsin where they all will be moving in too short a time.

So you can see, changes are afoot, which will require more walks to clear the air, and rediscover who herself and I are with our daughters so far away from us. To say nothing of TBGE.

Thomas is coming up for supper tonight and Micah should be home from school soon so we'll have one last meal together, at least as together as we can be with one family member missing and still on the road. Hopefully Nate reaches their new home soon.

I am excited for them all more than I am depressed that they are moving far away, but it will be interesting to see how it all goes. How they'll all go, and how we'll all go,

here in the field.

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