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Thursday, October 27, 2011
Disease in the form of cough, flu, fever, chills, loss of voice, etc etc, continue to haunt the friesen household. I am nearing the completion of week two with this thing inflicting itself on my person. And now it seems as though Lauralea has joined the ranks of the sick here.

It's been here just at the same time that work is so incredibly busy and there is so much to do. That has been reflected in my absence here, that is very true.

So between meetings and appointments and work things, I run home and grab a nap or cough meds or some such things to help me get through the day. Then I reach a day where I feel great and get up and going and then the next day, thwap on the back of the head, it's back.

Today is a very full day, and then get my mom from the big city who is coming to visit, and parent/teacher meetings tonight, then tomorrow, and on it goes.

We are starting to book our last two weeks of holidays for November and hopefully that can help us settle down a bit. This isn't great for the body or the soul.

Off to the Senior Bible Study.

Take care, from the field.


  1. Thinking of you and praying for this flu of yours to pass quickly. Two weeks is long enough! Actually it has taken me over a month and it still hangs on a bit. I am getting some energy back however.

  2. Man, what is it with these stupid flus? Get better SOON! Lots of love from us not in the field :)


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