Thursdays are like Youth Night Hangover Days

Thursday, October 13, 2011

I am here today, here as in my office. Seems like I have three days of work to do and one day to fit it all in, so today I am here.

Wednesdays with the youth is a lot of fun and life, and the thirty plus kids we've been having for supper and games and study, well that's a bit of alright. Of course Thursday mornings the eyes take a while to focus and clear and sort out life. It's good to be with them.

Tomorrow is to be at a funeral in another city and tomorrow night is date night with Lauralea. Saturday is about meeting with a young man sorting out his life, and final work for Sunday.

So there you have it then. The week is sorted out.

Of course I didn't mention the most difficult work scheduled for this week, saying good bye to little Norah and her mom and dad.

But for now, on to three days of work.

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  1. Got to see that grand daughter of yours today. She is much more beautiful in person than in her photos.

    I think your next vacation should take you to Wisconsin. :)


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