First day back and trust.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

It was a good morning back at church today.
It's always good to have a break from that up front work and preaching and teaching and leading stuff, to sit and ponder and worship and think of new or different, (read: better) ways to share worship together.

There are so many different aspects of worship that one can explore with a trusting congregation.

Perhaps that is the delight about who we are becoming. We are becoming a trusting group. That indicates health, and communication. Owning when you fail and no bait and switch tricks.

The youth are always the first to pick up on that stuff. If they smell dishonesty or a lack of integrity, they will push against it. If they sense that the pastor or leaders are a bit manipulative in the course of accomplishing their own agenda, the kids will often know that. They have good discernment skills without yet having grown the skills to squelch that knowledge.

Yeah, it was good to be back.
Good to reconnect with the local body.

Now, into week one of Advent.

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