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Friday, November 18, 2011
The temperature is dropping as I am sitting in the sun room and the sun has never really materialized this afternoon here in the field. So my fingers are cooling off at a good pace. It seems, dear reader, that winter may indeed be here for solid.

Its days like this when I think of friends or family who live in warmer climates and I wonder what life may have been like "If only." If only we'd been born or raised or educated in a warmer climate, without mosquitoes too.

It takes a few mental games to get yourself ready for the onslaught of Winter. Mental processes needed to get you safely from one location to another. Warm clothing to rescue from the front closet where they have rested since last spring. Extra gear to put in the car so you are ready for any emergency because as a Canadian wouldn't it be embarrassing to die of a wrong decision when your car hit the ditch in a winter storm.

But rather than whine today, let us search for the positive. It's been a good vacation these past 10 days, most of which have been snow free. Smooth classics is playing on Classic FM and that is a fine comforting friend for any day, especially cold, snow filled ones. We have a warm house to live in, and someone came and pushed the snow aside so hopefully I'll be able to get the car out tomorrow morning when it's minus 25C. Thomas is on the way home for the weekend and Lauralea is making meatloaf. And my averages for my practice tests for my Amateur Radio test have been in the 85 percent range and I need at least 80.

So you see there are many reasons to celebrate the day, as opposed to complaining about and fighting the rhythms of the earth moving around the Sun.

Even if the low temps by tomorrow are suppose to be at -29C...


  1. Amateur Radio test? Tell us more!

    Stay warm...

  2. Why did winter have to descend on us all with such a vengeance? I was hoping to hold it at bay by leaving a few things out in the back yard that still needed to be put away. Now it sounds as if I might not even be able to find them by the time I get back from Winnipeg.

  3. Marc, just fulfilling a lifetime dream I laid aside when life got busy with kids and ministry. Not it seems like its time to pick up that dream and get it done. It's also a way I've identified to make new friends here in this new place who are not field people. But first the math and formulae and rules and electrical concepts, and a test with a hundred questions drawn from a pool of a thousand. A bit of a mountain given my love of math.

    Linea, ditto that. Light bulbs were to be changed up on the top of the church but now I feel a bit guilty sending Micah up there to change them, on a metal roof covered with slippery snow...



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