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Friday, December 23, 2011
Today on the day before the day before Christmas I went to town to spend some time with those who find themselves hospital bound for the celebration this weekend and those who are happily expecting this Christmas to be their last, here on earth at least.

What an odd situation in your mind. To have a lifetime of history and memories in your mind and spirit, yet to be fairly well aware that this will be your last one. Then to know that it is not only ok, but because of your faith in God and your experience with him, you can look death in the eye with confidence that He who holds your life in his hand, also has a firm grip by the scruff of the neck of Death.  It is not foolish ignorance but a confidence that comes from a lifetime of give and take, love and hate, in relationship with another. Or should I say, Thee Other.

Then there are those who face the doorway to death with utter fear and loathing. A lostness that I can't find words for in this human experience. Yes, I've seen both. I suppose that's another reason I do the work that I do.

This post didn't turn out the way I had intended, but maybe it's just a good reminder to sort out your life and choices and faith before you near the finish line. I know that's how I feel most every time I leave the hospital or care home.

Only two more sleeps.
Guys, tomorrow is your christmas shopping day so you better get your sleep tonight.

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