New Years in my Dreams

Saturday, December 31, 2011
It was, well, a different Christmas. That I can say with honesty.

With the girls and Johanna's family in different parts of the world and the boys here with us for two and a half days, it was certainly less work.

And we did end up changing the oil on Thomas' car on Christmas afternoon which is something I've never done, at least on that day.

So it was low key and fairly restful, which was good.

It's been a crazy lead up to christmas around here, and other volunteers have been away or been unavailable because of other commitments, so I've been picking up some of that extra work that needs to be done.

Usually after Christmas I'm raring to go again because the craziness of the Christmas season is behind me. But not so much this year.

I've been working hard to find motivation to get going and balance that with the realization that I'm recuperating a bit too. Trying to take it easier, trying to rest a bit more, trying to get my mojo back.

And the old mojo just doesn't bounce back as quickly as it has in the past.

Tomorrow is a work day so tonight is a non party night here in the field.

But in other news, I have another daughter who is living out some of my dreams tonight at midnight. Hillary is in London for a few days and has connected with some new friends there and is heading to a flat near St. Paul's from where they will be walking down to the Thames for the fireworks at midnight. That is cool.

How is it that my children are living out my dreams?


  1. Kinda nice, tho, to have children living out your dreams. Sometimes those dreams never get lived out at all. At least you get to have Hilary tell you all about it and can experience it thru her.

    Happy New Year, Randall & Lauralea!

    And, yes, I hear you about the mojo taking longer to come back as the years to by. Me, too.

  2. Hi Melody

    Yep, you know about the kids moving out life.

    It's good to hear that you're doing well. Keep it up.

    Miss you.


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