The power of music on memory

Thursday, January 05, 2012
Last night I was tossing and turning a bit the way you do when you know you need to be fast asleep already and you're nowhere near sleep. So I reached over and turned on the radio to Easy 101, an easy listening formatted station I like that broadcasts out of Tillsonburg Ontario.

As the one smooth song from the late seventies was ending, the beginning rhythm of another song was starting and even before I was sure what song it was, I felt myself being transported back in time and space to the late spring in 1987 in SouthWestern Ontario. Like a time machine those musical notes took me out of my bed and dropped me in a car heading to London Ontario with Lauralea and a back seat full of friends heading out on a hot humid pre-summer day.

The sun was bright, the windows were wide open, the radio was on, and then people began to sing the Chris de Burgh song, Lady In Red.

I kid you not.

After that I just got up and made some toast.
It's easier than all the time travel.

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