How far does love stretch?

Sunday, February 26, 2012
I think I am in deep trouble here as Lauralea and I make plans to leave Wisconsin and our year old granddaughter tomorrow morning.

The smell of her skin after her bath.
Her giggle when you touch the small of her ticklish back.
The way she lifts her arms for me to pick her up even though I know her plan is to reach the pen in my pocket and put it in my mouth.
The way she forces a hard laugh when she's excited.
How she reaches up to her toy shelf and chooses a book over her toys and plops herself down to page through it.
The way she loves to be chased up the stairs, giggling as she keeps just ahead of you.
Her love of frozen peas.
How her eyes light up when she sees you across the room.

Yeah, I think I'm I deep trouble here.

Will the love stretch 2000 kms to The Field?
I don't know.
I'll try my best with it. But it will be hard.

Tomorrow we'll start to see just how far it can be stretched.
And add another new experience to life.


  1. One day, she'll read these words and know how far love stretches...

  2. I think love stretches as far as we're willing to let it, even when the recipient isn't aware of it. But the heart can feel sad for missing the physical presence of the one(s) we love, and that's entirely reasonable.

    Hope your au revoir isn't too hard, and the flights back work out well for you.


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