Birthday Boy

Thursday, April 12, 2012
Twenty two years ago this day, our son Thomas was born, and I excitedly realized that it wouldn't be just myself and three ladies in this family.

His sensitivity and humor have been wonderful gifts to us in this family and he's doing really well at life.

Oh and he is all kinds of good dangerous in the kitchen. Takes after his mom there. His butter chicken is to die for.

Lately he's been in his darkroom, learning the old school ways of the photo enlarger and chemical trays.

He's becoming a man of many talents.
Happy Birthday Thomas.


  1. Happy Birthday Thomas. All my best wishes.


  2. Hoppy birdie to the (not quite so) young man, for yesterday.

    Kitchen and darkroom work are remarkably similar - both require a feel for how long to cook things, for mucking about with pans and dishes, mixing stuff up and developing a sense of good taste. If he can manage a decent curry then he's probably going to to print OK.



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