Well, at least no one died. (Course its still early)

Monday, April 23, 2012

Now, follow along as I recap a delightful day off.

It was to be a nice day in the big city with lunch out and our favourite used book shops to celebrate Lauralea's birthday which comes tomorrow but none of us will be around tomorrow to celebrate properly.

Both Lauralea and I awoke tired and groggy, you know how that is occasionally right?  Just kind of mentally and emotionally stuffed up, not ready for a big fun day.

But we got in the car in hopes that the lurgy would break while on the road. Our first stop was to vote in the provincial election, ( GO ___________ Party), which ended up not being on the way to the city but the other direction. Ok we can suck that up.

After the drive to the poling station we were feeling like that 15 minute drive was already enough for the day. So we changed plans and headed to Ponoka which was 15 more minutes away, the closest town from where we were. We could still get a nice lunch, and hit the bookshops for a sweet deal.

We got ourselves to the nice restaurant in town and the sign said "Closed on Monday." Great. We sucked that up and got ourselves to the next nicest (we thought) restaurant in town. Surprise, it was open Mondays, but upon reflection, it should have been closed.

I won't share its name but it's initials were the Iron Horse. Lets see, small chicken caesar salad with rotten lettuce, nachos with stale old chips, and two french onion soups without any melted cheese and one crouton made up of a dried piece of loaf half sunk in the bowl of warm, chicken flavoured broth. 40 Dollars.

The theme of the day continued as we got to the book store and found it too was closed for Mondays.

So still trying to redeem the day yet again we walked over to a used junk store, maybe find a book or two. What we did find was a used tape player that Lauralea can use to listen to some old tapes we found that used to be a part of Lauralea's childhood. Finally the day was taking a turn.

With that one win in our pocket, we decided to give up on the day and just get to the safety of home. So we stopped for groceries as Lauralea is cooking for the Moms of PreSchoolers meeting this week, and headed for home.

As we were driving we started looking at our week ahead and then the following week too. I knew it was getting busy, (I have three different meetings to be at tomorrow night,) but I never thought it would be 15 days before I saw an evening off again.

It's ok, we can do this.
It's only a few weeks. Everybody has seasons of work like that. We can do this alright.
And we are not big birthday celebration types of people, so that's ok.

We got home and unpacked the groceries, and cleaned off the old dusty tape player we had purchased, getting ready to crank some old tunes.

You've got to know by now if you've been following the day so far, that I plugged in the player, turned it on, stuck in a tape, hit play, and discovered that the player is, dead.

Of course it is.

We'll start over tomorrow.


  1. I hope your day got better eventually.

  2. Life is just like that, sometimes. Monday - what were you thinking?

  3. you could do what i do and record them onto your computer, but you do need something to play them with. not many stereo systems now have cassette players with them. but once you have recorded them, then they do not disappear as the tape wears out


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