A day of emotional surprises

Tuesday, May 22, 2012
Well, today was an emotional day. A day of personal evaluation and I suppose in some ways, a day of retreat.

Tonight Lauralea and I are in a hotel in Kindersley Sask, over four hours away from our home in the field. We came here to be at a friends memorial service, and what a moving celebration of her life it was. It's always a personal challenge and reflection on your own life when you stack your struggles up against another. Funerals, good funerals of people who have lived well, are always a challenge to me.

Pastor Ron Baker, (http://ronbaker.ca/) my friend and the husband of Jill who passed away suddenly last week, did well today. I was proud of him. The Alliance church here will be a good place for him to be, even as they grieve this deep loss too.

But surprise number one was that some other friends from our old home in Prince Albert, came for the day too, and we got to catch up with them. That was so good.

Surprise number two was that both Lauralea and I had unique situations where people we have never met, identified us by our photos from these blogs we write and came up to us to identify themselves and thank us and encourage us for the things we write here. It was quite moving, emotional even, to be encouraged like that. It's always humbling when that happens, and it hasn't happened for a few years.

Nice surprise number three was that when we realized that we'd be in a town where the Anglican Priest's wife was also someone we'd met long ago online, we made arrangements to meet her and her husband, in real life. So tonight we went over to the Rectory and met Dell and Susan. http://dellssue.blogspot.ca/

What a lovely visit we had with two faithful servants of God. Sharing our stories and seeing where our paths may have crossed in the past, was lots of fun. Hearing how God has led them and worked through them was a great encouragement. We left feeling blessed, and better for having met them.

Yes, it's been a very emotional day. It's also been a really encouraging day. Tomorrow we'll return to the field, ready for all the kids who will descend upon us as they do each Wednesday afternoon and evening.

Thanks for praying.

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