On Pastoring and being the dad of adult kids

Wednesday, May 02, 2012
This week seems to be about helping friends get new things started, supporting the community after last weeks news on the local school closure, walking with a few people who have had tough surprises hit them, Youth today and tonight, getting things ready for worship on Sunday which will be full, and heading off to the Canadian Covenant AGM tomorrow which thankfully, will be in Edmonton till Saturday night.

It's also a week of discernment as we had a young couple here on the weekend who we were meeting and they were meeting us for the first time to try and hear if God is leading them to come here and work with us as an Assistant Pastor.

It was a good weekend in the meeting them department, and people are indicating that it was a good connection, so we will see if we have help coming down the line. It sure would be a great help, especially for weeks like these.

It made me reflect on my own life as a pastor and to look back on all the people who poured life and effort into me and how that has shaped me over these years into the pastor and man that I am.

It makes me think too about the kind of person I am becoming right now. The little daily things that shape a soul, those need to be tended to and cared for, because before you know it, you wind up ten or twenty years down the road looking back and not liking who you've become. Thats a tough one. Don't want to end up there.

God is still out here, in the field I mean. He still, in amazing ways, shows up in the moments and hours of greatest need. Even after seemingly quiet times, he's here and moving and loving in grace and power.

I got our taxes done on Monday, (our Canadian deadline I think,) and it dawned on me that our last little tax credit Micah, turns eighteen next week. The last one, an adult, at least where the law is concerned.

That's kind of a big deal, him being our last one out of the gate and all. I mean yes it's a big deal for him, but after next week, all our children will be adults. (again, at least in the eyes of the law...)

That kind of makes me an old man, married to a retired stay at home mom.

We'll have to sort that one out and see who we are without children present and needing that sort of attention. But it is a bit of a wake up call. Feels almost what it felt like when I was young and trying to see what I would do with my life.

Anyway, Birthday first, then graduation at the end of the month, then, who knows what then.

But for this week, there is much to do and much to be done. Mostly people to pastor and care for. And after nearly four years here, its delightful that more and more of them are allowing me the chance to care for them, as a pastor.

The youth will be rumbling in here soon, I best get back to work.

From the Field.


  1. I'm sure you and Lauralea will find yourselves busy giving advice and helping out your adult kids (again, at least in the eyes of the law...) from afar! God Bless!

  2. Beware that your retired stay at home wife doesn't go and find God gives here a job suddenly, as we just had happen. Suddenly she'll be getting all tired wish for less things to do!

    Glad your pastoring gig is working out. ;-)


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