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Saturday, August 04, 2012
I'm in my office on a Saturday on a weekend when I don't have to plan worship or preach or other such things and I am enjoying what that has offered me this week, in terms of being able to do the other things I do with a sense of extravagant luxury. In a week when I drove to Calgary and Saskatoon and back here in two days and helped Thomas move and helped to get our new guy Marc, and his family moved into their home, and a few other big deals, it feels un-stressed.

I kinda like that.

I think that having Marc here as an associate pastor is going to really help with the general mode of busyness that I've found myself living into. I really miss the part of me that has had time to think and ponder, yes even ponder, the finer details of life. Family changes continue to happen with kids coming and going and that will be what it is, but boy do I miss a more, for lack of a better word, reflective life.

Of course I counsel against what I tend to do, which is to be busy with work because someone has to make sure the things get done. And it is difficult when one thinks of the different expectations one lives under. But the future looks hopeful again as we bring the new guy on stream.

Tomorrow we are heading to camp for the morning worship time, which is something we always do this time of year. And Micah is out there working for the summer so we will see him too, and that will be fun.

But for now the morning is gone and I should head over to the house and see what to make for lunch.

So this is just me checking in, seeing if my writing "Block" is clearing away any more than it has been lately.

If you live in Canada, you have a great long weekend. Do something fun these days eh?

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