The First Sunday in Advent in the Field

Sunday, December 02, 2012
First Sunday in Advent.

You know, I love this stuff. This seasonal adjusting of worship according to the church calendar.  That's what I thought this morning as I put on my rarely used suit and my Christmas Peanuts tie. I thought I love being a part of this community of people who gather together each week just to worship something or someone bigger than themselves. I like it indeed.

Oh there were bells to jingle while we sang and Nativity pieces to bring forward and put in their places. There were Advent songs sung and scriptures shared and donations made for homes and towns on the other side of the world as we enjoyed what we have.  We started Advent at The Table, Christ's table he invites us to partake in, and to remember his obedient, faithful sacrifice. He came as a servant and as for us all, death was a part of his journey.

Then during coffee time with us all eating and drinking downstairs, somebody started up the Happy Birthday song for someone at their table and slowly the whole group lifted their voices to cheer on the birthday boy. I leaned over to the person beside me and commented that it had the distinct feel of a pub party.

This First Sunday in Advent. Today was a good start to the season, and a good reminder that this is different.

So, here we go, on a journey towards Christ. Watching for him, looking for him, welcoming him.
You should come and join us here in the field. It's going to be a good season.

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  1. That sounds like a good time. I'd like to think that in 3 years or less Heyford Park chapel could be like that.


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