Hope you had a good Saturday

Saturday, February 16, 2013
I have been here at my office since this morning.
I've written some correspondence, I've finalized tomorrow, I've cleaned up a bit.
I've talked with the person who thinks through and arranges the physical space for the services, I talked with my mom who called, I answered txts about some arrangements we need to make for a church purchase.
I even laughed at a few youtube videos I was directed to.
But the reason I came here was to work on my talk tomorrow morning. The sermon or message or word for tomorrow is struggling. It's not finding an easy way out.

Tomorrow starts Lent, and I want to talk a bit about how we get ready for that. How we look at our own hearts and see the gap there and acknowledge the need in ourselves to look to God again. I want to be transparent and honest, but that's a risky deal.

And now it's 4:45 pm and I need to get home for a bit today yet too. So you see my struggle.
These are the sorts of days that I dislike, the sorts of struggles that go on, inside and outside my life.

My prayer is simply that God shows up tomorrow morning, and fills my emptiness with his provision. Living with "emptiness" is hard.  But it can give God more room to speak. This I know.

May your Saturday be better than mine.

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